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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  March 22, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the higher elevations, where we could see another 1 to 2 inches of rainfall. one critical zone continues to betsheco s valley region wheco w we had that rock slide. well a expllting 1 to 2 esnc over the next 48 hours. as we zoom in closer, winds could ramp up some 15 to 30 miles per hour. and that is where we find nbc bay area's marianne favro. marianne, this rock slide could have been deadly as we saw in that dramatic video. it looks like things are going to get worse with the wind and the rain. how are they preparing? >> reporter: jeff, you can see behind me, the storm clouds are already gathering that is the big concern. people are keeping a watchful eye on the storm, wondering what impact it's going to have on that rock slide. the slide that actually shut down nelson road and has now forced about 50 people to hike in to get to their homes. >> oh my god! >> reporter: jackie shot this video yesterday until she realized she was a little too close to the tumbling rocks. >> when it really started
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getting going, we were really scared, and we ran screaming down the road. >> reporter: now that the rocks have settled, she is back taking more pictures. she is also heading into town to buy boots. she'll need them, because she'll have to hike past poison oak on this path to get to work every day. she just had knee surgery, so it won't be easy. >> and i'm hike through the forest and then get in my car and go to work and change my clothes and shoes. >> reporter: the rock slide has blocked the road leading to 26 homes. now about 50 people living here are going to have to hike in and out. this man is carting in gas for his generator. >> once we get a good idea from the geologists and when they map it, we'll have an idea how we can attack it and remove all the slide material. it's going to take a couple of weeks at least. >> reporter: the slide has brought these neighbors closer together. living in the mountains, they're used to being resilient. and they say they're okay, holding tight for now. they just hope this hillside will also hold tight.
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well fortunately no one was hurt in the slide. the public utilities director for santa cruz county tells me that the upper portion of the slide is not stable, and that's what they're really concerned about right now. i have to tell you, even while we were out shooting video, some smaller rocks started to come down. so this is a very fluid situation. reporting live from scots valley, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> all right, marianne, thank you for that update. all the rain might cause a lot of people headaches, but for some, it's pure gold. rainy season is busy season. at golden west auto body in san jose, rain increases business by about 30%. slick roadways and the recent time change means a lot of fender-benders out on the roads. working in wet weather is not ideal, but the owner says it's nice to help his customers. >> i like to think of it as i'm getting people back on the road. they got themselves off the road. and we get them back on the road. >> they sure do. business is booming also for
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roofers as well. the owner of roof craft in san jose says when it rains, his phone rings off the hook. business is up by a whopping 60%. and for the kids, well, you're cooped up in the house all day, this indoor play area very busy, where mothers try to get their little ones to burn off some of that pent-up energy. a real-life lesson for boy scouts on a camping trip. look at this dramatic footage of their chopper rescue. heavy rain closed off all the way out of their camp sites. you see santa barbara working to airlift them from the los padres national forest. the scouts, who also are prepared had planned for 3 inches of rain but they almost got a foot. we're following the series of storms on right now you see the interactive radar. you can see where you live, where the green lights up and when the rain is coming your way. you can send us your best photos
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on the storm pictures. send it to now to the barry bonds trial. it was also groundhog day for his former trainer anderson. bond faces four counts of lying to the grand jury, one count of obstruction of justice, stemming from his 2003 grand jury testify where he said he never knowingly used steroids. attorneys on both sides revealed their strategies today in opening arguments. the prosecution told jurors today that bonds actually told a double lie when he said he did never knowingly take steroids, but also he was under the impression that the substances he was using were actually flax seed and arthritis cream. in fact they say they were performance-enhancing drugs. prosecutors say they will produce a long list of witnesses who either saw bonds take them, or who he told he was using steroids. meanwhile his childhood friend and former trainer greg anderson walked into court with his lawyers and they ended up leaving without him. as expected, he refused to testify, and the judge had u.s.
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marshals take anderson away to jail for the duration of the trial. >> when it gets reported that he is doing this for barry bonds, it appears to me that most people miss the point. this has nothing to do with barry bonds. this has everything to do with the fact that he was lied to by the prosecution. he was misled. >> attorney mark geragos says he was planning to file a motion to get anderson released. now witnesses describe the deadly shooting of journalist chauncey bailey today during testimony as the high profile murder trial got underway. the first witness to take the stand described what they saw the morning of august 7th, 2007. they accused bey and antuan mcveigh. they recounted seeing a man dressed in black firing two shots at the oakland post editor, and then return seconds later to fire a shot out close range. bailey's brother says he is grateful the people who witnessed the shooting did come forward. >> i want takes a lot of courage
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for someone to come and testify, especially the people involved. you don't find that too often, that people wants to talk and come out. it shows me how many people actually loved chauns it is. >> the first police officer who arrived on the scene also testified saying bailey was already dead. his briefcase still strapped around his shoulder when he arrived. we don't see this too often. an unexpected visitor in hayward this morning. a chp officer slammed his cruiser into the front porch of a house. thankfully, no one was home when it happened. here is the video. investigators say the officer had been trying to pull over a silver dodge car on interstate 580. you see the silver dodge right there. but it turned into a high-speed chase with the dodge trying to ram the chp cruiser. eventually they collided on this residential street, with the officer's car forced into the house. the officer suffered minor head injuries. the suspect was caught after a brief foot chase. police say a loaded handgun was found in that dodge.
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well, several bay area lawmakers criticizing president obama today over his decision to launch air strikes against libya. so lough gren, mike honda, gaethe democrats in the house say the president should have consulted with congress before ordering the attacks. garvin thomas is in the satellite center with more on this growing offensive. >> reporter: the president may be getting grief at home, but he is actually getting some help from abroad. two arab nation, qatar and the united arab emirates say they are sending jets to help the u.s.-led force. meanwhile, though, moammar gadhafi's ground troops are advancing on some major rebel strongholds. commanders in the field confirm that a u.s. f-15e was lost in the fight, but does not shot down over libya. they say it suffered mechanical failure and crashed. the airmen on board ejected and was rescued. while all this was happening, though, the president is not at the white house. he is continuing his tour of
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latin america. it's a move that is drawing some criticism from the right. >> he is in brazil in south america, kicking soccer balls with little boys instead of being back here in washington, d.c. as our commander in chief. >> look, the blood of americans is on gadhafi's hands because we know that he was responsible for pan am 103. we should be removed from power. >> reporter: president obama says he still wants to transfer control of the operation to nato, but he says no timetable for that has been set up. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> okay, garvin, thank you. we continue our coverage on the ongoing disaster in japan. the official death toll has now passed 9,000 people, with at least 13,000 more missing. in a scene eerily reminiscent of a scene after katrina, a sports arena near tokyo is home to about 2300 people from the fukushima prefecture. meanwhile, concern continues over the quake-rattled nuclear plant, with smoke, steam, and radiation still escaping from
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the reactors. all workers were back on the job today at that crippled reactor site. milk from fukushima and leafy vegetables from a large area of northern japan are now banned for distribution. and radiation has now been detected in seawater near the plant. however, officials say these radiation levels pose no risk to humans. well, wake-up call. millions of us carry our families over bridges now being labeleded structurally deficient. we're going to show you where they are, and what if anything is being done about it. also, royal wedding wheels. get your first look at how kate and william will get to the church for their big day. kate's car, though, comes with some controversy. we'll see it right after the break. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're monitoring a flash flood watch for the coastline where 1 to 2 inches is expected over the next 48 hours. and across the bay, a first in a ooves in.
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we'll tell you about the stronger one coming our way in a few minutes.
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[ closing bell ] not the best news, not the worst news. stocks stalled today with the dow. the nasdaq and the s&p all suffering moderate losses. there was even more silicon valley action after the bell. let's check in with our business and tech reporter scott budman. >> reporter: jessica, more action and more fear about how local businesses might be affected by the earthquake and tsunami in japan. adobe systems opening its books and reporting otherwise strong quarterly earnings, but then adobe surprised investors by admitting that sales are already slipping because of the disaster
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in japan, and the future looks cloudy as well. well will be watching other companies' earning reports for more of this concern. the app wars are heating up. apple's app store getting pressure when opened its own app store today. amazon was then sued by apple over the store app store, which apple says is a trademark. the first app offered by amazon, what else but angry birds. tonight how the angry bird phenomenon is even coming home. helping a silicon valley startup to find success of its own. jess? >> those boards can be ann addicting. brown's latest report card is good, giving him high marks. nearly half of all voters surveyed approve of the job he is doing. 21%, though, disapprove. a remarkable 31% have no opinion. brown is trying to come up with a plan to close the state's $26.6 billion deficit. we're going to take a closer look at what this new poll means for the governor's ability to
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get that accomplished, coming up tonight at 6:00. okay. think about your drive to and from work, or maybe even going to the store. do you ever go over a bridge? >> the odds are you probably do. and a new report shows that bridge may not be very safe. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us from oakland along the nimitz freeway. there could be eye opening revelations for us here, right? >> reporter: it really is alarming, raj there are literally dozens and dozens of bridges and overpasses all over the bay area, like this one you see behind us that are in need of repair. transportation advocates call the findings of their study a major wake-up call. we drive over them every day. but bay area bridges, overpass, and on-ramps may not be as safe as we would like to think. a new report by transportation for america says one in five bay area bridges is in need of repair. >> we built so much
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infrastructure about 30, 40, and 50 years ago, that it's now time to repair it. and we never put away enough money to do that. >> reporter: transportation advocates say if a major earthquake hit the bay area, we could be in serious trouble. that's what worries oakland's ron strolek. >> it makes me pretty worried thinking about what might happen in an earthquake. given the recent events in japan, we're all thinking about earthquakes these days. >> reporter: drivers say they're glad the problems have come to light, and they hope lawmakers find the funds to fix them. >> now that i know about this, i don't know that i'll be changing my patterns. but it certainly will make me think twice about taking on-ramps and going across bridges like this. and most importantly, i would like the see some action taken to improve them. >> i think it's dangerous. and people may lose lives eventually if something isn't done. >> reporter: we are back here live. we are told 250 bridges.
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that's one in every five in the bay area is deficient. now it is interesting to note that the bay area's major bridges are not in that category. it's the little bridges that have the big problems. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> hey, jodi, while we have you, obviously the overpasses and the smaller bridges, how does this compare in the bay area compared to the rest of the state? >> reporter: the bay area doesn't rate well. only southern california is in worse shape. of the ten top worst county, i'm told five of those counties are right here in the bay area. they include alameda, san francisco, and santa clara counties. >> jodi hernandez reporting live along the nimitz freeway in oakland. one in five possibly bad and damaging of the overpass. thank you, jodi. storm damage at yosemite national park has left the area without electricity, generators are now powering the hotels. but guests don't have heat or hot water. pge says a rock slide broke an integral transmission pole, and
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a replacement will have to be flown in by helicopter. the power should be back on in about three to six days. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri rejoins us with a look at the weather. a lot going on this week and a lot going on last week. >> this active pattern continues. and for those folks in yosemite, we're talking about feet of snow in the next 72 hours. it's going to make it extremely difficult for the folks that are still stranded there. meanwhile, we're also working on flood concerns. the entire bay area coastline under a flash flood watch where we could see another 2 inches rain in the next 48 hours. also for the higher elevations, slightly inland from the coast in that flash flood watch as well. and of course as we brought you earlier with marianne favro, the scots valley rock slide is going to be a very vulnerable area where wind upwards 40 miles per hour in the next two days with the two storms. and also periods of heavy rainfall certainly could make that worse, because crews just aren't going to be able to clean
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it up in time. low snow around 2,000 feet. 1 to 3 feet expected in the next 72 hours. that's on top of already 3 to 4 feet from this past weekend. now the first storm is already arriving right now. showers moving in from the north to the south bay. heavier rainfall just offshore. it's going to be moving in over the next two to three hours. nothing too heavy right now across the east bay or the peninsula into san mateo, or in san jose. just a little bit of showery activity. current temperatures not so bad. 57 in san jose. 58 in san jose. 54 in napa and currently 53 in santa rosa. for tonight the storm system continues to move in. it's going to be mainly an overnight event. as we head throughout wednesday, we'll steve still see isolated storms and windy periods at time. the stronger storm will be arriving as we head into thursday. and that's when our flood concerns will be the highest. here is the storm center right offshore. it's going to continue slightly off to the north and east. that will keep that rainfall in the forecast here in the next 24 hours. then that next stronger storm
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system still over a thousand miles out. and that's going to have more wind, and also heavy periods of rainfall here as we head into thursday. so let's get a look at the timeline. 6:00 p.m. tonight, we already saw the rain on the radar. and then as we head throughout 11:00 p.m., it stays with us. right into the early morning hours, where we could even have some isolated thunderstorms popping. then as we head into thursday morning, we're going to advance this even more. we'll find our second storm system that we're watching. so little in the way of a break here between the storms. we'll look at anywhere from 1 to 2 inches from the north to the south bay in the next 48 hours with these two storms. so we'll be looking ought for that flooding concern, as we have been mentioning. meanwhile tonight, temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s here from the south to the east bay. on your seven-day forecast, what you'll find is eventually after the next 48 hours, we'll start to see some showers, and some sun building back in. some much needed sunshine to help to dry us out. and we'll have to watch out for those isolated thunderstorms as well in the next two days.
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so we also cannot rule out the possibility of an isolated tornado again. you guys, i looked at the wind patterns, and they're setting up perfectly to give us some wind shear. we may even have a weak tornado touch down den again in the next two days. that would be the third one in a week in this area. >> we'll have do see. it might be the most talked about wedding of the year. new details of the upcoming royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton. >> for the first time we're getting a look at the wheels the royals will use on the big day. >> reporter: they're polishing the brass of buckingham palace and sprucing up the carriages, and dusting down the royal cars. this is one of the queen's rolls-royces, but not the one that will take kate middleton to westminster abbey. she'll be using this car, last seen in public in london's regent street in december when charles and camilla were driven through an angry student demonstration, and camilla was
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prodded through the window by someone wielding a stick. paint was thrown at the car and its windows were shattered. >> it was slightly damaged during the student protests. but they decided that as it was going to be used at the wedding, they would take the opportunity to give a 60-minute makeover. so she's getting all spruced up for the day. >> reporter: this is the carriage that will take william and kate back to the palace as man and wife. it's a state landau made in 1902, and perhaps most famously used by charles and diana at their wedding 30 years ago. they were driven from the st. paul's cathedral to buckingham palace by streets lined by 600,000 people. if it rains, kate and william will use the queen's glass carriage, the most famous in her collection. back in 1981, diana was driven in it on her way to st. paul's. 15 horses will be in harness to
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draw the carriage at this year's royal wedding. they'll include daniel, one of the queen's favorites. he is a former police horse with a cool head that may be important on the day. >> some of the younger horses will find it really quite alarming. because the volume of noise and having taken part in some of the big state occasions myself, the volume of noise is considerable. >> reporter: the wedding of william and kate is not officially a state occasion, but the planning is the same. on the big day, nothing must be allowed to cast a cloud. >> that wed willing be broadcast to more than 20 countries live. it is in 37 days from now. >> i remember getting up in 1981 at three income the morning to see princess diana get married. >> will you do it again? >> i will. i'm going get my kids out of bed. let's watch it. up next, hugh jackman, bringing his variety show to the bay area. that will get you out of bed. we're g ooi to toiake you where you can catch it, after the break. ak
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not hollywood, not broadway. san francisco is the only city where hugh jackman will perform his one-man show. he has taken over the theater to two weeks in may. wolverine will perform his favorite songs from musical theater and movies. jackman has a tony award for singing and dancing. tickets for jackman's show go on sale april 1st. speak of live show, elton john and helen mirren are in the lineup to host back-to-back episodes of "saturday night live." nbc making the big announcement earlier today. sir elton making his first appearance on "snl" in 30 years. his big date is april 2nd. the oscar-winning actress helen mirren will make her "snl" debut one week later. you can see them both right here. "saturday nive as 11:30 on saturdays throughout april and may. >> we'll be right back.
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let's check in one last time with jeff ranieri. >> did you guys bring your umbrellas? >> yes. >> nice. three umbrellas. she is prepared. the computer is tracking about 0.04 an hour.
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but heavier rainfall just krauf shore and coming up of course at 6:00 p.m. we're going to have more on the sierra snow and flash flood watch for the bay area. >> i'm learning about jessica. she is the most prepared person in our newsroom. >> she is. >> if i stabou br wy umbrellas a little later. >> we'll see you at 6:00. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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